No need to introduce "Bob chasseur d'images", which has become over the years one of the most sought-after pieces by collectors around the world. Same thing for his friend “Oeil de Lynx”, released only in France and Germany.

The idea of this campaign is to relaunch the production of these two magnificent action figures, with a PRE-ORDER process : When you choose a “Reward”, you pre-order the chosen figure or bundle.

I am (like you) an enthusiast collector of this toy, which has boosted our imagination since our childhood... and it still is! ☺
I have lots of exciting projects in mind, but I also have to admit my frustration that things are not going as quickly as I would like.
This is why I invite you to be part of the adventure once again!!

This is an opportunity for the Captain to offer you an exclusive figure: “Old Bob” (limited to 200 copies).

Thanks for your support!